Cloud hosting

Produced web applications, web stores, portals and websites can be hosted on Fiduro’s servers or on the servers of our partners. Fiduro provides fast, flawless and reliable server operation and technical support for the servers. The advantage of cloud hosting is in lower maintenance costs, high level of automation, flexibility, better mobility and simplicity of upgrading.

Cost efficiency and advantages of cloud hosting

Integration into a cloud
Integration into a cloud

What is a cloud?
A cloud is a set of servers, network, software and services that allow the user to access data, software applications and processor power. Migration of a part of services to cloud computing makes sense after a previous analysis of costs and the quality of provided services. In some cases the costs can be cut down by half and the quality of services and be improved or the development of the necessary applications can be accelerated.

The primary advantage of cloud hosting is the security and privacy of data and services. Enterprises must have reliable Internet service providers that provide an adequate speed of data transfer. If this is not the case, a malfunction in the internet connection can interfere with business.

Points of Interest

By 2020 more than one third of all digital information produced in one year will either be hosted in a cloud or will be passed through a cloud.